Extremes meet.

Jeffie's plane went missing.


He went on a one-day trip.


Don't tell me you didn't talk to Brandi.

You cannot democratize a starving people.

Hamilton was getting under Son's skin.

You're visiting a factory tomorrow, aren't you?

Seiko has no sisters.

I really do want to help Wendi.

You need to improve your kissing technique.

This book will be helpful to your study.

I recommend that this sentence be deleted after two weeks, as long as there is no objection by then.

A ghostwriter is an author who writes for someone that, in practice, only supplies his signature.

There's something I'd like to see.


She doesn't have a lazy bone in her body.

The professor is in Japan on sabbatical leave.

Don't you lie!


She is a most gracious neighbor.


Nathalie knows what is good.


They went up the stairs.

I only want a snack.

I have been working for this newspaper for 4 years.

Kim didn't say when he was planning to leave.

Why don't you get a real job?

The children rolled down the hill.

He was never to see his wife and family again.


We've got to find her.

Gunter is moody at times.

Stacy doesn't look pleased.

Why did you punch Billy?

She listened to him with her eyes modestly cast down.


We've got one rule around here.


Such evidence is clearly inadmissible in court as it has been tempered with.


She liked to party and meet boys.

I can't ignore that.

Thanks for adding me as a friend.

Working part-time at a supermarket, I found that some customers were polite whereas others weren't.

It will take some time before he understands it, right?

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Slow but steady wins the race.


I have someone here who'd like to speak with you.

I like when my friends translate my sentences.

The post office is a few minutes' walk from here.


We'll try to do that as soon as possible.

What do you think'll happen if you tell Spock the truth?

See you at the reception.


Greg didn't even shut the door.

We can but do our best.

Can you help me out here, please?

I am going to drink my coffee.

You should have kept your mouth shut.

I arranged for a car to meet you at the airport.

I'll be at home tomorrow.

He took leave of his family and got on board the plane for New York.

That radio is no bigger than a matchbox.

What's your strategy?

A platinum blonde is a woman whose hair is so blonde that it seems to have the same grey colour as platinum.


He is in hospital.

I thought for a moment Isidore was really going to tell Joon about what happened.

Water shortage is caused by the loss of forests.


It's your stereotyping.

It's one mile from here.

The poor widow with her two young children - herself an orphan - struggled bravely for a while against the fearful tide of adversity.


You are a student.

A trip to America is out of the question.

Are you going to hide?

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Did you talk to your lawyer about this problem?

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It's not a real choice.

Small children tend to wander off if you don't watch them all the time.

It is extremely hot and humid in Bali in December.

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My house is small.

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Bangladesh fought a war against Pakistan in 1971.

Be careful not to burn yourself.

Not being tall isn't a disadvantage.

My primary concern is your safety.

Could you give me some examples?

I'd like to help you, but I'm a bit busy right now.

Did you get there on time?

They don't want us here.

Philippe is a creature of habit.


Also you go, please, we can not go without you.

I can't break free.

"Finish doing your homework before you go out to play", Konstantinos's mother told him.

It seems he has good hearing.

The crowd began to chant.

Something I ate yesterday disagreed with me.

The office held a memorial for him.

Luc got a suntan.

I'd like to know how to paint like that.

I've been preparing.

Rudolph can barely see.

Time is on their side.

The roses that you gave me are very beautiful.


He's starting to feel desperate.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Take them outside.

Bonnie has plans.

Is God important in your life?


My problem is that my wife doesn't love me anymore.

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In any case, I don't want you to worry.

He's a very romantic boyfriend who brings me flowers each night.

I ordered sushi, and John tempura.

It is not you but he that is to blame.

Shamim was sitting on the couch alone.


I wonder if you have ever considered going to a specialist.

I'm getting stronger every day.

In order to relax, I need to listen to soothing music.

Ram got on his horse.

Do you think we are better off than we used to be?

That's exactly what I expected to happen.

I have no hair on my head.

I came up to Boston from Nashville a few years ago.

Harris acted as if he didn't care.


I was about to leave my house when she rang me up.

Kusum should've arrived by this time.

It's hard to tell.


How deep do you think the water is?


Have you ever had any serious illness?

I don't speak French at home.

The sea ice is highly variable - frozen solid during cold, calm weather and broken up in large areas of open water during storms.


I'm very lucky.


We can't let Robbin get away with it.

This season of Survivor! is starting off even better than I expected.

Terrence often travels to Germany for health reasons.


I was looking forward to seeing a scenic view of Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately it was completely hidden behind clouds.

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The children were playing about.


We can definitely do it.


I attended his funeral.

Nobody stayed in my country.

Why don't I stay with her?

On his shirt there was a sauce stain.

Eventually the salesman persuaded me to buy the expensive machine.

We wish her many happy years in the future.

It just won't work.


Toft doesn't know that she's adopted.

Shadow is actually pretty good at French.

My wrist and forearm hurt, I think I might be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

I'd like to work with him.

The shoppers stood in a line.

Harold has a good head on his shoulders.

The open-air concert was cancelled because of the rain.

This report isn't to the point.

After 125 years of development it's clear: Esperanto is more than just a language.

Will I need a prescription?

The scientists are working on a new experiment.

The information we may collect on you may include your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, contact preferences, and credit card information.

I think it's time for us to come to an agreement.

I like watching hockey.

Can I help you cook?


Presley has to be here.


Could you teach me some French phrases that I might need?


What's really bothering you?

My father loves us.

As the three men entered the alley, a bird resembling a crow flew from the top a large beech tree as if he had been frightened.

Santa can't remember how to use the shredder.

You take this one.


How many of you are there?

You had better go there in decent clothes.

Antonella is in bed with a cold.


She has an evident need of medical attention.